Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yay! I made chapel band.

Thats another credit hour. so now i'm at 19 hours.

The chapel band director guy asked me to play at his church this sunday. but i said no cause im going to go visit my brother joel in St Louis for the holiday.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I jammed with the worship kid at Coram Deo today. We rocked it right if i do say so myself. Hopefully he thought the same. Hes pretty good. He has a good voice and has some good acoustic skills. Hes out of town the next couple week but after that i should be playin. it feels like its been forever already. He asked if i wanted to lead sometimes too. I swear, people just assume i can do stuff. I always get tossed out there. I told him i'd like to wait a little while till im familiar with the church.

I just wrote my first speech. So far thats been the biggest hurdle. If you know me you know im shy and dont like speaking in front of people. ugh.

Friday, August 25, 2006

School started Wednesday. I'm already learning a ton and its pretty cool. My favorite classes so far are Theology of Church Mission, Old Testament, and hermeneutics. And this is just my first year classes.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most is for part of my major (Intercultural Studies) I have to spend 6 months overseas. There are 4 different places I could go. My top 2 at this point are Asia(Taiwan, Japan or the Philippines) and Kenya. Maybe I'll see you there Ash.

I've always loved Asia. I love those crazy japanese. And maybe i could see my kid in the Philippines and bring him home with me.

Being away from Portland and my routine there has really helped me remember my dissatisfaction with life in America. Its easy to get caught up in routine and before you know it times gone by and youve gone nowhere. I finally feel like I'm moving.

I tried out for Chapel Band on Thursday. He just asked me to play something, impress him. I was like... uhh... thats not really what i do. It was very awkward for me. I dont think i had much competition though.

The worship guy at the church I'm going to is pretty solid. I think he probably sounds a lot like me vocally and whatever, just a little better and more experienced. He said i can play with him, we're gonna jam after church sunday. I think we can get some cool stuff goin.

Thats basically it for now. Oh I've been getting in shape too with Tommy and Sarah. And cutting my Caloric intake down to 2000 or lower. I feel skinnier already.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nathan and i arrived safely in Nebraska Tuesday night after driving 11 hours monday and another 11 on Tuesday. We had a little Omahanian fun.

I just dropped him off at the airport. It was sad. Nathan tried to make a move. That was sad too. I already miss his jackass comments and our constant fighting.

Heres to old friends and good times.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The rumors are true. Nathan is not the one moving out as mentioned in my previous post. it is i. I am moving to Omaha, Ne next monday. Im going to Grace University. Its a bible school.

Its hard but i am excited and very ready to go to bible school.

Leaving the band is hard. they arent real happy about it. but this is what i need to do. I'm a dime a dozen.

I'm trying to sell my amp before i leave and that is hard to do in a short amount of time. Im getting a smaller amp but the funds are proving difficult. im glued to craigslist and ebay and its driving me nuts.